Learning you're lines with dyslexia.

July 10, 2017

Being an actor trying to make it into the business can be a challenge enough but when you are also dyslexic it can put more pressure on your shoulders to learn your lines. We all know the feeling of getting the words right and making a good betrayal of the character through the script and makeing sure we do a great job.


An actors job doesn't actually start with knowing the lines from a script, that's the easy part! Trust me it is. But when you are dyslexic it's not always the case. Being a dyslexic myself I know what it's like to go over, over and over the lines and still not able to put the script down as my brain struggles to take in the information all at once and remember every word and where the word goes. 


I did some research on how to help me with learning lines from a script or monologue with having them in front of me so that I could just know what I was going to say without thinking about it. 


I'm going to share this technique with you and just give it a go, weather you have dyslexia or not I'm sure this will help you learn your lines faster and more efficient for you. 


So what I do because of how my brain works is write out every line of mine on a piece of paper so it's in my hand writing and I can understand it better after writing it out, I do this in parts (part 1, part 2 etc) I then write the first letter of each word on a separate paper also in parts just so I can take them in easily than having them go in all at once that makes it harder to remember. I read through my lines that I've written, I do this a few times so that I've got a clear idea what is happening and being said. I then cover the paper with the other piece that I've written the first letter of each word and start to read the lines from just the first letter of the words, I repeat this a few times and then cover it up and read the lines out loud or record myself to see if I got them right. And within a few times practicing I know my lines.


I found this really works for me and it's really good for when you need to learn a script in short notice. I highly recommend you try this out as it's very useful for those who struggle learning lines or just simply needing to learn lines faster due to short notice. 


Let me know what you think of this technique and how you learn your lines. 




-XOXO Lily  

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