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Hello Everyone And Welcome, 

I Joined Northern Star Acting Beginning Of May 2017 , I Have Worked Along-Alongside Other Tribe Members In Class, Improvising, And Recordings With Constant Feedback. I've Become More Confident And Strong Minded On Where I Want to Be With My Acting Career. While Pursuing My Acting Career I Am Currently Focusing My Time Into Live Streaming And Creating Great Content Over On My Twitch And Youtube Channels. 

I Trained With Northern Star Acting In Leeds In Britain. This Was Pretty Much The First Time I've Done Anything This Great With My Acting, I  Started From Scratch Being New To The Acting Business And Performing. I've Gained So Much From Northern Star Acting That I'm Thriving To Keep Going And Become  A Professional Actress. I Grew Up Loving To Sing And I Loved Dancing Classes In High School, My Love For The Performing Arts Grew From A Very Young Age. Right Now Unfortunately My Acting Career Is On Hold.

In My Spare Time I Am Doing As Much Training That I can As I learn More About Myself And The Acting Business, I Also Love Going For Long Road Trips, Watching Movies/TV Shows, Discovering New Music, Spending Time With Friends & Family And Being With My Dog Lyra.

- XOXO Lily

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